Step 3: View Slabs at Stone Showrooms

viewing stone slabs
View Slabs at Stone Showrooms

We have a network of stone showrooms throughout South Africa. After you have selected your favourite colours on this website the next step is to contact your local stone rooms and book an appointment to view the stone slabs in person. See list of stone showrooms below.


At the stone showroom you will be guided by a stone professional who will be able to offer advice and suggestions.


Viewing the stone slabs in person is a very exciting and important step in the process.



Before visiting any stone showrooms, make sure you have completed the following steps:


  • Considered the different stone types, see: Step 1: Choosing a Stone Type
  • Made a list of your favourite stone colours, see: Step 2: Choosing a Stone Colour





Booking the Appointment:




Inform the stone showroom of which stone colours you’re interested in viewing so that they can check stone stock and prepare the slabs for your viewing.




Set aside at least a couple of hours for each appointment. Viewing the stone slabs can take a considerable amount of time. Slabs behind slabs have to be lifted by crane one at a time.


Viewing the Stone Slabs:





When you find a stone colour that you like, ask to view more slabs within the batch.
There will be variations in colour and formation in each and every slab - some natural stone patterns are very consistent, whilst others exhibit "waves" of movement and colour in the stone.



Take a camera and a note pad so that you can keep track of your favourite slabs.




If you need more than one slab for your countertops installation then make sure choose slabs from the same ‘mining batch’ to ensure that your countertop sections match.



Pricing and Quoting


Stone showrooms don't sell stone slabs directly to the public. They sell the slabs to the stone fabricators who install the countertops. For this reason, they cannot give you accurate pricing on the cost of installing your countertops.



Pricing and quotes can only be obtained from the stone fabricators who install countertops.


Estimated Pricing


For your convenience all the stone colours on this website have been grouped into estimated price ranges and can be found in the description of each colour see the stone colour galleries.


Read more about pricing at:

Step 1: Choosing a Stone Type / Consideration 3: Stone Pricing And Your Budget

List of Stone Showrooms & Suppliers


Coming Soon!


Visit the stones showrooms before requesting quotes from stone fabricators.

Step 4: Finding a Stone Fabricator


    • About stone fabricators (countertop installers)
    • Tips on how to find stone fabricators
    • Tips on how to select professional stone fabricators
    • Installation of countertops


In this step you’ll get tips on how to find and select professional stone fabricators to install your countertops.