Step 4: Stone Fabricators (Countertop Installers)

stone fabricator

Installing stone countertops is a precise art. Don’t take any short cuts! Follow our steps below on
how to find professional stone fabricators to get quotes on the installation of your countertops.


This website is designed to give you all the information you need to make the right choice for your
countertops. We do not install countertops and we are not recommending any stone fabricators at this stage.


We are currently in the process of finding stone fabricators in South Africa. If you know any stone fabricators that you can recommend, please send us their details. In the meantime, our guidelines below should help you to find professional stone fabricators.




Before contacting any stone fabricators, make sure you have completed the following steps:



Stone Fabricators


Stone fabricators perform the following tasks:


  • Offer advice on your choice of stone type and colour
  • Measure the countertop requirements and quote on the installation of the countertops
  • Collect the stone slabs from the stone supplier (stone showroom)
  • Prepare the stone slabs for installation
  • Install the countertops

How to Find Professional Stone Fabricators


Step 1: Get recommendations from other people - before contacting any stone fabricators



Get recommendations from Family and fiends who have had stone countertops installed.





Get recommendations from kitchen companies and cupboards builders - if they are reputable they will have some trustworthy stone fabricators to recommend

Step 2: Check them out - before inviting them to measure and quote






Check the quality of their workmanship by asking to see examples of work they’ve done. If they are not able to show you examples of previous work, then ask to see examples of work they are currently busy with. At least 2 examples of good workmanship should be sufficient. If their workmanship is not up to standard then don't waste time getting a quote from them.





Check that their workshop is professionally managed and that they have the right tools. Make sure that they have automatic diamond tipped machine saws to cut the slabs straight.
If their workshop is not up to standard, don't waste time inviting them round to measure and quote.



Choose at least 3 professional stone fabricators to get quotes from.

Step 3: Invite stone fabricators to measure and quote




Book an appointment with each of the stone fabricators to measure your countertops requirements (allow for 1 hour per appointment).  The fabricators will need to take their own measurements in order to quote accurately. Expect quotes within 3 days of the measuring.




Get quotes from at least 3 different stone fabricators, who passed your inspection in step 2, for the installation of your countertops. 






If you are interested in more than one stone type or colour, then ask the fabricators for their advice on the stone type for your requirements and get a quote for each of the stone types or colours. 

For instance, you might want to get a quote for granite and an additional quote for engineered stone.  You might discover that your favourite colour is not out of your price range!


Step 4: Final advice





Choose the fabricator that you feel most confident with and schedule an appointment with them to visit the stone showrooms again.  Show them the slabs you are interested in purchasing.
This is an important step in the process as their advice on stone slab choice may be critical to the
success of the project. There are things they know that you may not have considered.


Accept the quote for the stone type and colour you like the most.



Once you have accepted the quote, the stone fabricator will collect the stone slabs and prepare them for installation. Once the slabs are prepared, the countertops will be installed.


From the quarry to the kitchen

Must Watch! Video - From the quarry to the kitchen (6:00)

This video is a must watch! It’s an introduction to granite, how it is mined, cut, polished, and installed in your home.


During Installation


during installation


After Installation (Stone Type: Granite - Emerald Pearl)


after installation

Step 5: Send Us Feedback

Step 5: Send Us Feedback


Please send us any feedback...


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Step 5: Send Us Feedback

Step 5: Send Us Feedback