Step 2: Choosing a Stone Colour

Choosing a stone colour

Viewing the stone colours


After you have chosen a stone type in step 1, the next step is to make a list of your favourite stone colours.


Our detailed online stone colour gallery has examples of many of the different stone colours. Each stone colour includes a photo of a close up, a full slab, and examples in applications.


Steps to choosing a stone colour:

Look at the gallery of colours on our website and make a list of your favourite colours.

Then visit your local stone show room and view the full stone slabs in person.


More information about booking an appointment to view slabs at stone showrooms in Step 3.

There are several stone suppliers Cape Town who will be able to offer advice and suggestions.

We recommend that you arrange an appointment and put aside a few hours to view the stones.

Note: Make sure you mention the list of your favourite stone colours so that they can confirm that they have stock.


Seeing the stone slabs in person is a very important, exciting, step in the process and will ensure that you make the right colour choice for your project.


Note: Granite & Stone™ is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, therefore our gallery is focused on available stock in Cape Town.  However, most granite available in Cape Town will also be available in other parts of the country, so please use this resource where ever you are based!


Online Stone Colour Galleries


What to consider when choosing a stone colour


There are many different factors involved in choosing a countertop colour to be included in your home or office, and it is important that you examine all the options available. 

Countertop & Decor


The colour and pattern of the countertop will need to fit into the décor of the room or project. However, it is better to choose a stone that you like, regardless of whether it matches the colour scheme of your existing cabinets and walls. Consider it, not in terms of how the area is now, but of how the space can be improved. You will be far more satisfied, in the end, by choosing a stone that you simply adore and then, over time, matching the rest of the area rather than choosing a colour or style simply because you think it will match what is already there. Reinventing your space, instead of retrofitting it, will give you a much more comfortable, cohesive, professional look.


In any event, after investing a lot of money into stone countertops, it is a small thing to repaint walls, change cabinet doors, or replace appliances.

Colours within the stone

Natural stone will most likely contain many colours within, thereby suggesting ideas of colours to harmonize or contrast with the rest of room and making the stone the focal point of the room.


Room Size

A general rule of thumb for choosing shades of colour - darker shades make a room feel smaller, and lighter shades make it feel larger.



Stones colours are priced differently, more attractive stones are in higher demand and if they come from some distant land in small quantities the price will be higher.


The online stone colour gallery categorises stone samples by colour and by price. This will help you find the right colour in the right price range.


$$$$ - low end
$$$$ - high end

Other Considerations


Investment - Selling or Renting

If you think that you will ever sell or rent your property then consider the resale value. Generally stone countertops will improve the value of any property, but you'll want to keep your choice of colour somewhat universal.

Stone Colours & Patterns


Colours & Patterns


Stone countertops are available in almost any colour. However, options depend on available stock at the stone suppliers.


Stone pattern consistency


With natural stones there will always be variations in colour and formation in each and every slab -
some natural stone patterns are very consistent, whilst others exhibit "waves" of movement or veining in the stone.


Below are 3 examples of full granite slabs (+- 2.8m x 1.6m), from one of the most consistent surface patterns to one of the more “wavey” patterns”.


Full Granite Slabs


Less Consistent

More Consistent



Man-made stones exhibit a much more consistent, highly uniform colour and pattern.


See the online stone colour gallery for examples.


Selecting a natural stone vs. man-made


The colours options of natural stone countertops (granite and marble) can vary widely between stone suppliers. Natural stone of the same variety can also differ in colour depending on the region and the section of the quarry from which it is mined. These differences in the colour make each natural stone countertop unique. This is why we highly recommend that you choose the exact slab for your project at the stone show room.

If you require more than one stone slab for your project we will ask you to view slabs at the stone show room to make sure they fit together. Usually stone suppliers import the stone colours in batches and this makes the task of finding matching slabs much easier!

If you are planning to install a man-made stone countertop then there is no need to see more that one example of any particular colour as all slabs look almost identical.

NEXT STEP: View Stone Colour Gallery (Online Colour Gallery)


Online Stone Colour Galleries




Step 3: Viewing Slabs at Stone Showrooms

Step 3: Viewing Slabs at Stone Showrooms


    • Booking appointments with the stone show rooms
    • Tips on viewing the slabs
    • List of Stone Showrooms (Stone Slab Importers)


In step 3 you’ll get tips on booking appointments and viewing stone slabs at the stone showrooms. We also supply contact details and directions to the showrooms!

Step 3: Viewing Slabs at Stone Showrooms

Step 3: Viewing Slabs at Stone Showrooms